Ancient Medicine: 21 Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

black seed (Nigella Sativa)

Food as Medicine

Black seed (Nigella Sativa), also known as cumin and caraway seeds, has been used for more than 2000 years. It is considered a “superfood”. Research suggests that this herb could have healing properties, and may be beneficial in combating all types of illnesses.. This amazing little seed is backed by over 600 peer-reviewed studies. 20 ‘pharmacological activitiesWhen taken as a food supplement or in foods, it can have a positive effect on the body. You will find out more about the many benefits of black seed oil here.

Black seed was first used medicinally in ancient Egypt. Black seed was referred to as “tin tir” by the Assyrians who ingested it for stomach problems. It was used externally to treat the eyes, nose and mouth. It was called a panacea by the Egyptians, and one bottle was even considered miraculous. Found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Nigella Sativa (Minimally), These Pharmacological Actions on The Body

  • 1. Analgesic (pain-killing)
  • 2. Anti-bacterial
  • 3. Anti-ulcer
  • 4. Anti-inflammatory
  • 5. Antihistamine
  • 6. Anti-cancer
  • 7. Anti-cholinergic
  • 8. Anti-fungal
  • 9. Anti-hypertensive
  • 10. Antioxidant
  • 11. Antispasmodic
  • 12. Antiviral
  • 13. Bronchodilator
  • 14. Anti-diabetic: Gluconeogenesis inhibitor
  • 15. Hepatoprotective (liver protection)
  • 16.Hypotensive
  • 17. Insulin sensitizing
  • 18. Interferon inducer
  • 19. An antagonist of Leukotriene
  • 20. Renoprotective (kidney protecting)
  • 21. Inhibitor of tumor necrosis factor alpha

Numerous Black Seed Oil Benefits abound

Black seed oil has many benefits

Here are just a few of the many health benefits that black seed oil has:

  • There are Three natural phytochemicals in black seed oil have a huge benefit Researchers were shocked to find these compounds. These three compounds were thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone and thymol. Scientists discovered that all three compounds showed the same properties. For 100% inhibition 30 different pathogens TQ was the most effective anti-fungal agent against yeasts and dermatophytes, while thymol was best against mold.
  • Black seed phytochemicals help to protect against cancer. Croatian scientists assessed the antitumor activities of thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, and mice with thymoquinone. It was discovered that The two phytochemicals found in black seed oil led to a 52% reduction in tumor cells Black seed oil is rich in these essential phytonutrients. To prevent cancer, we do what we can Through a variety of methods:
    • Anti-proliferation
    • Induction of Apoptosis
    • Arrest of the cell cycle
    • Reactive oxygen species generation
    • Anti-metastasis
    • Anti-angiogenesis
  • Black seed support liver health. Nearly all the toxins that can affect our bodies must pass through the liver. Many toxins are stored in fat because the liver uses bile to digest fats. People who have taken a lot of antibiotics and other medications will also experience a decreased liver function. This is because the liver is over-taxed in trying to eliminate chemical residues. Recent research has shown that scientists have found evidence of decreased liver function in recent studies. We have discovered that Black seed oil protects against damage Protection against toxic substances.
  • Black seed oil is responsible for “gradual partial regrowth of pancreatic beta cells.”According to an article, it increases serum insulin concentrations and decreases elevated serum glucose.” In the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. Research on mice suggests that diabetics may be able to receive support, regardless of whether they have type 1 diabetes or type 2. Support could be provided for diabetics with type 1 or 2 diabetes. Another studyTwo grams of black seeds per day can result in “reduced glucose fasting, decreased insulin resistance and increased beta-cell function in subjects.”
  • Black seed oil could aid with weight loss. Black seed oil’s weight loss benefits are just a few of the many benefits it offers. The phytochemicals have anti-obesity effects. Although Nigella Sativa isn’t traditionally thought to be able to treat obesity, it can help people lose weight the same way it helps diabetics. It may reduce weight gain by controlling appetite, balancing blood sugar levels, supporting the liver and balancing cholesterol. One Study shows thatNigella Sativa, along with other herbs, was found to have’satisfactory anti-obesity properties’
  • Black seed oil can combat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Black seed oil is also very effective against other infections. MRSA is especially effective in killing them. Black seed oil may be the solution to more resistant infections. However, more research is necessary.
  • Nigella sativa helps to lower blood pressure. Patients with mild hypertension can experience a drop in blood pressure by taking 100 mg and 200mg of black seed extract two times per day for two months. People who used black seed oil experienced a significant drop in blood pressure within eight weeks. Resulted in profound changes.
  • Prevention of scarring after surgery – Nigella sativa has been tested in areas of post-operative trauma. a protection Peritoneal surfaces are protected from adhesion or scarring.
  • Black seed protects against respiratory diseases A placebo-controlled, randomized study of chemical warfare victims The study was done by Researchers from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Results showed that black seed water extracts from boiled water improved lung function, reduced symptoms such as chest wheezing and respiratory symptoms, and decreased the need for medication.
  • People can recover from drug addiction with black seed. Study of 35 opiate addicts revealed that black seed was the most popular opiate. It was a very effective treatment In long-term opioid dependence treatment

This incredible seed is…well, kind of amazing! Continue reading black seed health benefits? You can! You can!



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