Study says Cinnamon could increase learning ability,


It can be thrilling to start a new school year or semester at high school, or it might be stressful. As more assessments pile up, stress will likely increase. There are natural ways to improve learning abilities. a new study shows One of these could be cinnamon. This pre-clinical study involved mice being tested in … Read more

The Healing Power Of Tualang Honey


Have you heard of Tualang honey before? This honey is superior to honey found in grocery stores and offers a host of health benefits. Tualang honey It is similar delectable medicine. I don’t know if you’re like me, but honey is something I’ve never loved. Honey is a sweetener that’s deliciously sticky, even though you … Read more

Basil Seeds Have 11+ Health Benefits


Basil tastes and smells sweet And It’s also very nutritious. You can get 1/4 cup chopped basil for as little as $0. 31% of your daily vitaminK It’s essential for your body to produce vitamin B6 – it is a great supplement if you are lacking this vitamin. (Check out these vitamin K deficiency symptoms … Read more

Study: Rosemary Oil Could Improve Memory


Memory loss in older adults may be treated with simple measures such as Aromatic rosemary essential oil, According to researchers The University of Northumbria Peppermint may help seniors regain lost memories, too. Seniors who forget to take their medication can save their lives by having their home filled with natural, pleasant scents. Dr. Mark Moss … Read more

Ancient Medicine: 21 Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil


Food as Medicine Black seed (Nigella Sativa), also known as cumin and caraway seeds, has been used for more than 2000 years. It is considered a “superfood”. Research suggests that this herb could have healing properties, and may be beneficial in combating all types of illnesses.. This amazing little seed is backed by over 600 … Read more

5 Whole-Body Pumpkin Health Benefits


It’s autumn, and it’s time to reap the seasonal health benefits of pumpkins! You won’t believe how many pumpkin-flavored products are appearing in stores across the country if you don’t see them yet. This fall-favorite is a must-try. Skip the pumpkin-flavored coffee creamer. Many of these products contain sugar and trans fats, among other ingredients. … Read more

Avoiding these 5 Foods Could Help You Avoid Migraines


Around 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches every year. However, everyone has experienced pounding headaches at one time or another. Did you know that certain foods can trigger painful episodes? Migraines can be debilitating and sometimes severe headaches that are often triggered by well-known triggers. You may need to stop eating certain foods if … Read more

8 Artichoke Health Benefits that Boost Total Health


Artichokes are delicious when prepared correctly. What many people don’t know is that spiny globes, also known as “globe artichokes”, pack a lot of nutrition. Here are 8 health benefits of artichoke that will keep your heart a happy place. Artichokes belong to the sunflower family’s thistle group. They are not vegetables per se, but … Read more