Por que los adultos mayores con ansiedad suelen no recibir ayuda


La ansiedad es el trastorno psicologico mas comun que afecta a los adultos en Estados Unidos. En las personas mayores, se asocia a una angustia considerable y a problemas de salud, disminucion de la calidad de vida y elevadas tasas de discapacidad. Sin embargo, cuando el U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, un influyente panel de … Read more

Fatigue is a common problem among older adults. There are many possible causes


. Linda C. Johnson, Indianapolis, was not prepared for the feelings of fatigue she felt after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Johnson, now 77, initially believed she was depressed. Johnson couldn’t get up in the morning and had trouble getting dressed. She couldn’t even get out of bed some days. Johnson realized that … Read more

Truly random drug testing: ADHD patients face uneven urine screens and, sometimes, stigma


Some adults who take prescription medication for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are required to have their urine tested for drugs several times a year. Some are never tested. These screenings are done to ensure that ADHD patients are taking Adderall safely and not taking too many or selling them. KHN was told by several doctors that there … Read more

There is not enough action, but a lot of thought: Mental health proposals go unheeded


Access to mental health services in Florida is difficult for thousands of people. Complex and disjointed treatment systems exist. Residents are often referred to different doctors and given different medications. Clinicians may not be aware of this. Many who are in need of care have made prisons and jails their homes. These and other problems … Read more

There are no roadblocks to lifesaving addiction treatment. Now what?


Two decades ago, as opioid overdose deaths rose steadily, the federal government restricted access to buprenorphine. This medication is what addiction experts consider the gold standard in treating opioid use disorder patients. It has been proven in study after study. Helps people continue their addiction treatment While Reduce the chance of an overdose And Death. … Read more