“Diet” Artificial Sweeteners May Actually Increase Your Waistline


A new analysis of studies Researchers found that more than 406,000 patients were involved in the research. People who use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar Even the natural ones. Actually Gained Instead of losing weight, lose weight. [1] Published in Canadian Medical Association Journal The study was viewed The long-term effects artificial sweeteners have on … Read more

How a new mom can lower her risk of heart attack and stroke


Breastfeeding is the best option for babies, according to science. Another study found that breast feeding is the best option for mothers. Their benefit: Breastfeeding can lower stroke and heart attack risk in moms. Researchers followed heart events for nearly 290,000. Women in China were asked questions about their children, breastfeeding, and how long they … Read more

How anxiety and low self-worth can cause countless individuals to overeat


Two studies support this conclusion. Stress is a key factor in obesity epidemic among the poor.. One from Scotland, published In the journal Appetite, Documents the relationship between overeating, stress, and income inequality The other was published in Psychological Science, This article attempts to explain why being raised in poverty can lead to an insatiable … Read more