FDA Wants This Highly Addictive Opioid Removed from the Market


The FDA asked that drug-maker Endo Pharmaceuticals be shut down on June 8, 2017. stop selling Opana ER The extended-release Opana version was withdrawn due to “public health consequences from abuse.” This is the agency’s first attempt to remove an opioid from the marketplace. [1] According to the FBI Opana ER has become a very … Read more

Anti-Anxiety Drug Overdoses Are on the Rise – Many Questions


Prescription drug overdoses are often associated with opioid painkillers. You may be shocked to learn that prescription drug overdoses can lead to death. Overdoses of anti-anxiety medications are increasingMany mental health professionals are left wondering why this is happening. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a new study. American Journal of Public Health … Read more

Ancient Medicine: 21 Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil


Food as Medicine Black seed (Nigella Sativa), also known as cumin and caraway seeds, has been used for more than 2000 years. It is considered a “superfood”. Research suggests that this herb could have healing properties, and may be beneficial in combating all types of illnesses.. This amazing little seed is backed by over 600 … Read more