Montana’s Mental Health Crisis Care Care is in a rut, but politicians promise aid


Rural communities felt the effects of Western Montana Mental Health Center’s budget cuts five years ago. However, the decline of one the state’s most important mental health providers has continued and it’s created a vacuum in behavioral healthcare care. It began in Livingston, a small town of 8300 people. In 2018, Western shut down an … Read more

Video fills the gap in rural nursing homes for mental health care


KNOXVILLE (Iowa) — Bette Helm was happy to talk to someone about her insomnia. Helm lives in a central Iowa nursing home with approximately 7,500 residents. There are few mental health services. Helm had an appointment with a Texas psychiatric nurse practitioner, 800 miles from her home, on a recent morning. Helm used an iPad … Read more

Por que los adultos mayores con ansiedad suelen no recibir ayuda


La ansiedad es el trastorno psicologico mas comun que afecta a los adultos en Estados Unidos. En las personas mayores, se asocia a una angustia considerable y a problemas de salud, disminucion de la calidad de vida y elevadas tasas de discapacidad. Sin embargo, cuando el U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, un influyente panel de … Read more