California’s Medicaid experiment spends money to save money — and help the homeless


SAN DIEGO – Craig McEwen, a former NFL star who won a Super Bowl ring in the late 80s, does not fit the stereotype of someone on the verge of homelessness. McEwen, who suffered repeated concussions in his NFL career of six years, was evicted last July from his San Diego County apartment. He searched … Read more

Montana’s Mental Health Crisis Care Care is in a rut, but politicians promise aid


Rural communities felt the effects of Western Montana Mental Health Center’s budget cuts five years ago. However, the decline of one the state’s most important mental health providers has continued and it’s created a vacuum in behavioral healthcare care. It began in Livingston, a small town of 8300 people. In 2018, Western shut down an … Read more

The majority of Americans say they or a family member have experienced gun violence


According to a majority of Americans, they or a relative have experienced gun violence. This could include witnessing a shooting or being threatened with someone with a firearm. A new, comprehensive survey. KFF conducted a national survey of 1,271 adults to determine the extent of firearm violence in their lives, particularly in minority communities. Nearly … Read more

Fatigue is a common problem among older adults. There are many possible causes


. Linda C. Johnson, Indianapolis, was not prepared for the feelings of fatigue she felt after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Johnson, now 77, initially believed she was depressed. Johnson couldn’t get up in the morning and had trouble getting dressed. She couldn’t even get out of bed some days. Johnson realized that … Read more

Truly random drug testing: ADHD patients face uneven urine screens and, sometimes, stigma


Some adults who take prescription medication for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are required to have their urine tested for drugs several times a year. Some are never tested. These screenings are done to ensure that ADHD patients are taking Adderall safely and not taking too many or selling them. KHN was told by several doctors that there … Read more

How College Athletes Make Theirself Kill, Healing the Team is the Next Goal


Contact the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at “988” or by texting “HOME to 741741 if you think you may be in a mental crisis. Katie Meyer, Stanford University soccer goalie, was killed by suicide in March. Her grieving teammates were close even though they weren’t training. The coaches adjusted practices to allow the athletes … Read more

There is not enough action, but a lot of thought: Mental health proposals go unheeded


Access to mental health services in Florida is difficult for thousands of people. Complex and disjointed treatment systems exist. Residents are often referred to different doctors and given different medications. Clinicians may not be aware of this. Many who are in need of care have made prisons and jails their homes. These and other problems … Read more

There are no roadblocks to lifesaving addiction treatment. Now what?


Two decades ago, as opioid overdose deaths rose steadily, the federal government restricted access to buprenorphine. This medication is what addiction experts consider the gold standard in treating opioid use disorder patients. It has been proven in study after study. Helps people continue their addiction treatment While Reduce the chance of an overdose And Death. … Read more

Video fills the gap in rural nursing homes for mental health care


KNOXVILLE (Iowa) — Bette Helm was happy to talk to someone about her insomnia. Helm lives in a central Iowa nursing home with approximately 7,500 residents. There are few mental health services. Helm had an appointment with a Texas psychiatric nurse practitioner, 800 miles from her home, on a recent morning. Helm used an iPad … Read more

Two Counties Face Off with California over Mental Health Duties


SACRAMENTO (Calif.) — Sacramento and Solano counties are locked in a dispute with the state about mental health coverage for a small portion of Medicaid patients in their counties. This dispute threatens to disrupt treatment for almost 50,000 residents who have severe mental illness. The Department of Health Care Services administers Medi-Cal. It says Sacramento … Read more