The Healing Power Of Tualang Honey

Have you heard of Tualang honey before? This honey is superior to honey found in grocery stores and offers a host of health benefits. Tualang honey It is similar delectable medicine.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but honey is something I’ve never loved. Honey is a sweetener that’s deliciously sticky, even though you should limit your sugar intake. Some health benefits are included. However, some honeys are more beneficial than others. Honeys are not all created equal.

Tualang Honey is a Risky Business

Highly prized healing potion Tualang honey, a Malaysian honey that is rare and named after the Sultan of Tualang, is found in Malaysia. Trees in the rainforest from where it comes. It should be delicious, People risk their lives to save their loved ones It can be harvested.

This honey bee builds its nests in tall Tualang trees up to 289 feet high.

The Malaysian rainforest is in bloom in spring and Asian honey bees or Rock bees are attracted. Apis dorsata – Large, parabolic-shaped honeycombs are made and hang from the Tualang tree’s high limbs. These bees are The largest honey bee colony in the worldThey are approximately twice as large as the American honey bees.

A single Tualang tree may hold enough spring flowers to support one person. Up to 100 beesThe combined weight of the two items is approximately 992 pounds honey.

The brave honey-hunters create smoke torches out of dried coconut fiber, wrapped in large, green leaves, when it’s time for honey harvest. They then climb the trees with ropes and hand-holds. A hunter usually climbs while a crew of two or more gathers buckets of honey attached to ropes that are sent to the ground.

Source: Malaysia’s Wild Honey

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The honey-hunter is a beekeeper who smokes bees while high up in the tree. He also takes most of the hive. Tualang honey hunters are often spotted with bee sting scars. [1]

These huge honey bees have been known to be quite aggressive. [2]

Tualang honey is a honey that honey-hunters find deep in the rainforest, and they risk their lives to keep bees away at treetop height. ain’t cheap. For 424 grams, $17.51 was the cheapest jar I found online. It was being sold on one site. $90!

Why would you spend that much money on honey?

Did you know that Tualang honey is a rainforest honey? It is made from nectars of many rainforest plants. Amazing medical breakthroughs They grew up in the rainforest., no pun intended.

A thorough analysis of honey revealed that it contained a concentration of Anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, antibacterial compounds, as well as other phytochemicals are all available. It has been shown to reduce the risk of developing tumors and improve cardiovascular health. [1]

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Research is actually a good thing. Published in the journal Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry Researchers discovered that Tualang honey can be used as a supplement to those who have been exposed to free radicals from cigarette smoke as either active or passive smokers. Reduce or prevent the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.” [3]

Tualang honey was also discovered to be beneficial. Similar to Tamoxifen, a chemotherapy drug. Treatment of breast cancer.

Malaysians use Tualang honey to boost their health. They mix one teaspoon with a few ounces of water. [1]

It can also be used to treat skin infections and wound healing by native peoples.

Tualang honey is excellent for soothing symptoms such as a sore throat or a cold. Even a small amount of Tualang honey has been proven to be effective in relieving symptoms like a sore throat and colds. Stabilize blood sugar and lower blood Pressure.

It’s where to find it

Online shopping is the best way to find Tualang honey. However, you may be able to find it in some Southeast Asian food shops.


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